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We are dedicated to swiftly take care of your asbestos management and removal needs at fair prices. Our asbestos removal services adhere to the present regulations and compliances whilst ensuring your health & safety. Thanks to the support of an exceptionally skilled and experienced team of operatives, we guarantee to eliminate asbestos from your property safely and quickly. Pick up the phone and talk to us if you are worried that your residential or commercial space has asbestos. Hire asbestos surveyors from us or request a quote. 

We are a Licenced Health & Safety Nationwide with offices in Yorkshire, London, Scotland, Wales and the Midlands. The company specializes in Domestic and Commercial Asbestos Surveys and Asbestos Removals.

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What do we offer

An extensive medley of asbestos services awaits you at St. Helens Asbestos Removal . We are proficient in managing removal and disposal requirements of commercial, domestic and industrial properties. Also, we can assist you with conducting in-depth site assessments for residential or industrial demolition purposes. Whatever you need, our services can be personalised to your liking. 

We have specifically designed our asbestos surveying, removal and collection approach to make sure that there are little to no disruptions to your regular functioning. Our technicians will arrive at your property and look after every aspect of the asbestos removal process. After all the asbestos-containing materials have been carefully collected in our closed skip, our operatives will tidy up your site. If you wish to know our step-by-step asbestos removal method, do not hesitate to speak to one of our technicians. 

Our all-embracing asbestos services in and around St Helens include:

  • Surveying and testing – Exhaustion asbestos renovation/demolition surveys, re-inspection surveys and management surveys are conducted by our licensed asbestos surveyors. Irrespective of the size of your property, we have the right surveying tools and equipment. All of our surveys are conducted conferring to the regulations and rules put in place by BOHS, as well as, HSE. With the help of a home or office asbestos survey, we can confirm the presence of asbestos and take necessary action. During the survey, samples will be collected for laboratory testing and the reports will be made available within 48-hours. The report will outline where asbestos is present, the condition, the type and so on. 
  • Removal of asbestos – We leverage our years of experience in the asbestos industry to quickly and safely remove asbestos-containing materials from your property. No matter the category, we are proficient in dealing with all types of asbestos including tremolite, actinolite, amosite, anthophyllite and crocidolite. 
  • Asbestos encapsulation – There are situations when asbestos cannot be simply removed as it may already be showing signs of deterioration or damage. For removing damaged asbestos-containing materials, we make use of a method known as asbestos encapsulation. Here, we cover the asbestos using a protective sheet and the asbestos-containing materials are collected from the site as whole so that the fibres do not mix with the air. To know more about this method, you can speak to us. 
  • Asbestos collection & disposal – As a full-service asbestos service provider, we will not only detect and remove asbestos from your site, but also carefully discard the hazardous material. We utilise our special, closed skips for the purpose and the asbestos-containing materials are only disposed of in landfills that have been approved by the government or the local bodies of authority in your area. Dust suppression methods are also implemented by our technicians so that the fibres are kept in control. 

Why Remove Asbestos from Your Property?

Undisturbed, undamaged and sealed asbestos is not a cause of worry. But, with time, the asbestos materials are going to show signs of wear and tear. For instance, asbestos cement roof turns brittle with age and develops cracks, which is dangerous because the asbestos fibres become loose. Moreover, you might be thinking of constructing something new or renovating your property. But, without dealing with the asbestos-containing materials present on your site, it is not wise to begin any kind of construction or remodelling work. You will be putting yourself and all the occupants, visitors and neighbours at risk of asbestos exposure. Contact us and avail of our asbestos survey services in St Helens. If our surveyors find asbestos in your home or office, we will walk you through the next possible steps that can be taken. Depending on the condition of the asbestos-containing materials, we can think of maintaining the materials or repairing them. If you do not wish to be around asbestos, we can undertake a comprehensive asbestos removal task.
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Meet Our Accredited Asbestos Removal Specialists

At St. Helens Asbestos Removal, we have hand-picked a team of asbestos removal operatives after a thorough process of vetting. They have been provided with the appropriate training for carrying out residential or commercial asbestos management surveys and removals to the highest standards of safety and quality. Each one of our operatives is a certified and licensed professional who is insured and equipped to keep your property free of asbestos-containing materials. 


Why Trust Us With Your Safety?

Deteriorates or damaged asbestos can seriously impact your health and the health of the other building occupants, visitors and workers. At St. Helens Asbestos Removal, our team of accredited asbestos surveyors will carry out surveys discreetly on your property and help you in eliminating asbestos.

The reasons to trust us are –

  • We are highly responsively and our focus is always on your health & safety
  • Our professionals have the latest protective gear, removal equipment and sealed collection skips
  • We have years of experience in asbestos removal and management
  • Our quality of service is high, but the prices are low

Contact us to get started on making your St Helens-based property asbestos-free.

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